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Your application is a business card that shows us what you can do and what your potential is. We’ll be very happy to receive your unsolicited application even if our current vacancies don’t yet include the right job for you. Follow us on social media too – find out fast about our latest job offers on LinkedIn or XING.

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Please send us your informative application, stating your availability and salary expectations, by email to: meinjob(at)

Planckstrasse 15
32052 Herford

1. Applying online

You are applying for a vacancy which we have advertised, or sending an unsolicited application for a vacancy in the future. So that we can both think about what we expect from one another, please submit an informative application with a motivational cover letter, your CV and your main testimonials. We also need to know when you will be available and what kind of salary you expect. Data privacy will of course be ensured at all times during the course of the process, and your application treated as confidential. Equally important – call us in advance with any questions you may have about the advertised job and we’ll be happy to answer with no strings attached. Just give us a call and we’ll talk!

2. Personal interview

When we receive your application we will examine your documents together with the department offering the vacancy, and invite you to a get-to-know meeting. This first meeting could also be by phone or video conference, depending on where you live. We of course will be interested to know about the background to your working life so far, while you will have an opportunity to get to know us and ask questions about our business. In an absolutely frank exchange, which can usually last up to an hour, we will then see if we can imagine working together, or not. We can often explain general aspects such as working hours and the structure of the department, and describe the job itself and the field of activity.

3. Second interview

Applicants and we ourselves will now decide whether we want to get to know each other more closely. This will involve asking more detailed questions so as far both sides need to clarify and confirm in a face-to-face exchange whether we suit one another.

4. A hospitation for the initial impression

Is a real insight into our company of major importance to you as a job applicant? If so then we can happily introduce the department as part of a half-day ‘hospitation’.

5. Decision and contract offer

The phases mentioned so far can vary of course, but ultimately the position is still available and can be offered to you ‘black on white’ under a written employment contract.

6. Onboarding

Once you have signed the contract things really get going: We will prepare personalised induction plans, obtain any necessary work clothing and IT access, and fully furnish your workplace. And there will even be a small gift waiting when you start work with us!

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