Innovation as a tradition

The AVANCO Group develops, manufactures, refines and distributes technical products made of aluminum and fiber composites (carbon fiber and glass fiber). These particularly includes tubes and profiles, tubular and prismatic components. The entire value chain is focused on the development of technically high-end solutions and their industrial production.

We offer our customers measurable competitive advantages through tailor-made components and systems, which are adapted to their individually defined requirements. We are able to accomplish this through our unique combination of expertise for the design and production of high-tech lightweight components made of fiber composites.

The AVANCO Group products which are marketed under the brand names INOMETA, DYNEXA and XELIS, are used in many areas including the automotive sector, the print, film, paper and packaging industry, the solar industry, the machine and plant construction, as well as for marine applications.

The headquarters of the AVANCO GmbH is located in the East-Westphalian city of Herford. Since 1985, the companies has been expanding globally, and has demonstrated a dynamic growth in new business fields. Today, the group generates a turnover in the 3-digit million euro range.

The AVANCO GmbH company history

1981:Wilfried Tappe founds the Herford-based company INOMETA Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH. Production of lightweight rollers made of aluminum and carbon composite (CFRP) is launched
2000:xperion GmbH isestablished. Portfolio is extended to carbon composite products
2001:Acquisition of Alpha Composite GmbH in Kassel, which then became xperion Energy & Environment GmbH
2001:The AVANCO GmbH is established as the parent company
2002:Acquisition of FS Composite GmbH & Co. KG in Laudenbach, which then became the xperion components GmbH & Co. KG
2004:Acquisition of EADS Space Transportation GmbH in Immenstaad, which then became the xperion Aerospace GmbH
2007:Acquisition of ACM Advanced Composites & Machines GmbH in Markdorf, which today belongs to the XELIS
2008:Joint Venture and build-up of production site in Appleton (USA)
2008:Acquisition of Metso Paper Inc. (Finland)
2010:Acquisition of production site Warburg (Germany)
2013:Expansion of xperion Energy & Environment by building new production site in Ohio, USA
2013:Transfer of assets from production site Finland to other entities
2016:Divestment of xperion Energy & Environment GmbH (Germany & USA)
2016:Transfer of assets from production site Appleton (USA) to INOMETA
2016:Divestment of xperion Aerospace GmbH in Immenstaad
2016:Transfer of assets from production site Warburg (Germany) to INOMETA
2018:Renaming xperion components GmbH & Co. KG in DYNEXA
2018:Renaming xperion Performance Polymer Composites in XELIS