Series and single unit production of lightweight design components for the aerospace industry

The topic of lightweight design is of greater importance for the entire aviation industry than for any other industry sector. The cost savings associated with a weight reduction throughout the service life of, for example, a passenger aircraft, are considerable and have been a development driver of the industry during the last few years. The share of fiber composite parts in aircrafts is constantly increasing. In addition to the weight reduction, the focus is also particularly on the reliability of the component, and the associated manufacturing processes.

We are a lightweight design specialist and certified supplier of leading airlines with an attractive composite product portfolio which includes CFRP as well as GRP components. We utilize highly automated manufacturing processes, in order to meet the significant technical and qualitative requirements of our customers worldwide. With our proprietary CCM manufacturing process, we are able to manufacture flat as well as profile-shaped fiber composite components with minimal production, material and component costs. We are able to offer our customers a sustainable profitability for their products through the feasible substitution of aluminum components. Our many years of experience in the production of components for the aviation industry, makes us a highly capable partner for the development and production of innovative lightweight design solutions made of thermoplastics and thermosets.

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