High-performance products for the manufacturing of film products

We encounter plastic and film products everywhere in our daily life. Whether it’s a simple plastic bag at the grocery store, the transparent wrapping foil for your sandwich, or even the highly complex technical film in your LCD screen. Today, highly individualized films are used in a vast range of domestic and industrial applications. The complex diversity of the required film types demands the utilization of numerous sophisticated production methods. The high requirements towards the productivity and product quality are constantly increasing. The interaction of the individual machine components as well as their individual reliability and precision, enable cost-effective production processes. 

Today, INOMETA is the market leader in the development and production of technical high-performance components for the films industry, ranging from guide rollers all the way up to complex roller systems, which are always aimed at improving the manufacturing processes of our customers. We are a specialist for the production of rotating elements made of aluminum, CFRP and GRP. Our range of products also includes a variety of individual components, on which the leading machine manufacturers (OEM) and end customers rely. 

We are a reliable partner for the global films industry. Take advantage of our many years of experience, and our unique expertise in this market segment.

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