Machine engineering

New solutions for increasing challenges. New materials. CFRP.

The mechanical engineering sector with its many facets and the vast range of application scenarios as well as their possible solution approaches, is one of the strongest economic drivers in the world. This traditional industry has its highest concentration in Germany. The entire world is its market. Your challenge is to find the perfect balance between peak performance and the associated costs.

Steel continues to be the material of choice to solve these challenges, but metallic lightweight materials such as aluminum have also established themselves as a standard solution option for engineers. We conduct observations and then gradually facilitate the transition towards the supplementary use of modern high-performance composite materials. Our aim is to spark new trends in a still very traditionally-minded industry. We can help our customers to overcome the material-based limitations often associated with materials such as steel and aluminum.

Our solution approach is to optimally incorporate the superior material properties of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, also referred to as CFRP, into viable applications. For us, the term “optimal” always defines the perfect balance between performance and costs, and thus maximize the added value for our customers.
This approach opens up an entirely new range of options for the mechanical engineering industry, and facilitates the development of innovative processes: Higher cycle times.

Faster accelerations. Better damping. Thermostability. For nearly every application, where conventional materials quickly reach their limits, we can develop and implement innovative solutions using modern materials such as CFRP, GRP and aluminum. We have been a (development) partner of the mechanical engineering industry for many years. You can benefit from our experience and exceptional expertise in field of lightweight design with fiber composites and aluminum.

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