Measurement- and dispensing-equipment

Lightweight components for high-end and high-speed applications

Our lightweight design products are able to deliver significant benefits for high-speed applications with measuring and dispensing equipment, ranging from special non-stick coatings in the labeling unit to customer-specific manufactured high-performance components made of CFRP. In these areas, our products are able to provide solutions for high-end tasks, where components made of conventional materials cannot be utilized because of their material-specific properties.

The enormous damping characteristics combined with a high degree of stiffness, the low component weight and the resulting low mass inertia of CFRP components have a decisively positive effect in high-acceleration applications. They facilitate economic processes, for example, in filling plants for PET plastic containers in the food industry. Thanks to our lightweight design expertise and our proven competence in the production of process-optimized surfaces, we are able to perform as a highly capable partner for our customers.

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