We create the foundation for the high-quality products of our daily lives.

Whether it’s made of paper, cardboard, plastic, film or even the thinnest metal products and composite materials – packaging is a part of our every day life. Folded, punched. As a milk carton, shipping carton or plastic bottle. They come in thousands of variations, shapes and colors. Our products significantly contribute to the packaging industry’s capability to manufacture high-quality and intelligent packaging solutions.

Rollers with the greatest imaginable dimensions and a broad range of applications within the production process. As a guiding or printing roller. For the web tension measuring technology. As heating or cooling roller, or for one of the many other possible fields of application. Our high level of expertise in the production of rotating high-performance components made of aluminum, CFRP and GRP is one of our characterizing traits, and also enables us to function as a strong partner for our customers. Our core competence in the coating technology field is a supporting factor for the stabilization and optimization of our customer’s processes.

Intelligent subsequent processing and logistics concepts, for example, with our RFID-based winding cores enable economic processes and a sustainable material management.
We have been supporting customers with our products for many years, and thereby significantly contributed to their ability to achieve the highest levels of economic and quality performance, as well as environmental friendliness.

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