We are an innovation partner for the printing industry

In color. In black. On paper. On film. When the rollers turn, sheets of paper shoot through the inking unit within in fractions of a second, the smell of freshly printed materials will fill the air. With a high degree of cost and often time pressures, manufacturers within the printing industry must function as a reliable partner for its customers. Flawlessly operating printing processes and printing machines with high-performance components, which also avoid failures and downtimes are an important prerequisite for this.

For more than 30 years we have been providing innovative impulses for the development and production of rotating components for the digital, flexographic, deep, tampon and offset printing. With many important innovations, for example, our pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter for the flexographic printing, we were able to position ourselves as a key development partner for the entire printing industry. Our customers include manufacturers from the printing industry as well as leading international printing machine manufacturers, whose products are equipped with our high-performance components made of aluminum and CFRP.

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