Pump technology

High precision and innovative materials are driving the pump technology

Whether it’s in the mining, energy, petrochemical, pharmacy, ground and wastewater conveyance or the process technology industry: Without suitable pumps, applications for these industries would be inconceivable. Pumps transport incompressible fluids through tube systems. What sounds so simple, has nowadays become highly specified and often high-tech. Our aluminum tubes and profiles are highly precise, inside as well as outside, and offer the perfect economical foundation for reliable and efficient pump systems. Our innovative coating solutions ensure an efficient wear protection, process reliability and a long service life in high-quality aluminum tubes and profiles. Long and lean fiber composite drive-shafts made of non-corrosive materials enable the creation of efficient submersible pumps. Thin and high-precision bushings made of individually configured thermoplastic semi-finished fiber composites are utilized in centrifugal and magnetic clutch pumps.
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