Mixing technology

Economy, reliability and efficiency thanks to composite lightweight solutions for the mixing technology

In the mixing technology field, there are applications where products made of conventional materials such as steel are pushed to their limits, and thus require special solutions. For these cases, we are able to offer reliable, economical and energy efficient solutions made of fiber composite materials, e.g. glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP). Especially for large or deep containers, as well as for extremely corrosive media, composite components, for example, GRP agitator shafts, are the perfect solution for an effective mixing performance. For situations where the efficiency of conventional materials reaches its limits, or becomes too complex to maintain, we’ll be able to offer the respectively viable solutions based on our many years of experience and technical competence.

Our profound design expertise and the associated comprehensive engineering skill set, enable us to support our customers throughout the entire product creation process, from the initial product idea and the development phase, all the way up to the subsequent individual or series production. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we are able to supply semi-finished or ready-to-install components, and also offer a broad range of additional services.

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