Textile industry

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern materials and innovative surface treatment technology

The textile industry is one of the oldest and largest sectors of the manufacturing industry. This industry focuses on the processing and refining of various materials with a plant-based, animal or synthetic origin. The associated diversity of processes and applications creates a broad range of requirements for the textile industry, and especially for their machinery and component manufacturers. The modern lightweight design has been an issue in this very traditional industry for quite a while. Conventional materials are being replaced by modern products. Today, machine components made of composite materials to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness are an industry standard. Our highly rigid, anti-vibration and weight-optimized products can be found in a vast range of highly-accelerated processes. Fiber composite materials such as CFRP or GRP, and even aluminum offer a perfect foundation of innovative high-performance products in the textile industry.

Our products are orbicular or non-round carbon fiber components, continuously produced thermoplastic composite profiles or control, guidance, sensor and measuring rollers, as well as functional surface coatings for highly corrosive or wear-intensive applications. The entire product portfolio of the AVANCO Group is utilized in this industrial sector. Our extensive expertise in the field of lightweight design for rollers and machine components, as well as the latest coating technologies characterize us, and make us a high-performance partner for machine manufacturers as well as end customers.

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