Wind energy

Lightweight design composite high-performance components for the renewable energy production

Wind turbine plants are generators, which sustainably contribute to the eco-friendly production of electricity, and are also increasingly becoming a key component within the global energy management. With DYNEXA, the AVANCO Group has established itself as a strong and reliable provider of composite lightweight design components made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) within the industry. Our high-performance coupling tubes are used in the wind turbine rotor force transmission, and provide the electrical insulation for the generator in case of unplanned voltage surges, as they occur during events such as lightning discharges.

We manufacture these high-performance components in large numbers with a consistently high and certified quality. Only the absolute reliability of the coupling will ensure the sustainable yield, and the efficiency of the entire system. The use of particularly low-maintenance lightweight design drives and components increases the wind power generation efficiency, and significantly helps to anchor the wind energy as a lasting competitive source of energy within the energy mix.

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