From CFRP-Tube to Composite-Lightweight-Shaft – Extended vertical integration of series production processes at DYNEXA

For power transmission in vehicles, lightweight drive shafts with shaft tubes made of carbon fiber-reinforced or glass fiber-reinforced plastics and various joint technologies have been state of the art since the 1990s.

In larger annual quantities, however, this has only been the case for a few years.

A good example is the CFRP drive shaft for a premium manufacturer in the automotive industry, for which DYNEXA provides the core element in the form of the shaft tubes. Together we have developed a tailor-made product with the associated series production process and produced it in an average five-figure annual quantity without any product quality complaints. For more than six years now, this production has impressively confirmed day after day the potential that we can tap. Efficiency, quality data acquisition, traceability and logistics were and are the core topics there.

As the latest achievement, DYNEXA has now succeeded in increasing our value contribution for another premium manufacturer in the automotive industry. Within a very short development time:

  1. The fiber composite corrugated tubes with metallic force introduction elements, which – without any adhesive connection – transmit high torques permanently and reliably under harsh environmental conditions, complete the DYNEXA product range.
  2. finally balanced and
  3. be delivered directly to the OEM as a ready-to-install drive shaft.

Based on the proven basic process of shaft tube production, DYNEXA has succeeded in integrating and establishing supplier management for purchased parts, the procurement process for special production systems and the – with regard to increased vertical integration – quality data acquisition for the entire product, also in series production and based on automotive standards. From now on DYNEXA will produce shaft tubes and fiber composite drive shafts in series in the usual high and proven process and product quality.