CU theme day “Composite Technologies For Tubes, Pipes, Shells, Vessels And The Like“

We experience high interest in our newest business segment “Thermoplastics”.

Therefore, we are pleased to get the chance to host the Composite United e.V.’s theme day for “Composite Technologies For tubes, pipes, shells, vessels and the like” on the 2nd of December 2020. Not only can we provide the setting for interesting presentations and extensive networking, but also allow a large number of people from the industry to gain an impression of our laser assisted tape winding technology for thermoplastic composites.

Sign up now – the CU-day at INOMETA

 This joint event that is technically supervised by CU-working groups (multi-material-design, additive manufacturing, thermoplastic composites) and supported as well as co-organized by the CU regional departments “CC East” is a public CU event and also allows access to non-members… read more (german)

More about thermoplastic products at INOMETA

For further information, please visit the Website for Thermoplastic Composite Products at thermoplastics.inometa.de