• DYNEXA – 3D printing speeds up processes

DYNEXA – 3D printing speeds up processes

Procurement of a modern 3D printer accelerates internal processes for our customers. The increased demands on fast processes and quick reactions to customer requests are very important for DYNEXA.

Therefore, in 2021, DYNEXA expanded its core competence in the likewise additive manufacturing process "wet filament winding": a modern, industrial 3D printer enriches its possibilities. A large-volume device from the manufacturer RAISE3D for printing thermoplastic semi-finished products with and without fiber reinforcement was selected for this. Primarily procured to expand the technology of component manufacturing, further advantages were quickly identified and used specifically for our customers. Because not only the use of modern 3D CAD software for direct 3D printer control leads to a component very quickly in the design process, the usual secondary processes such as 2D drawing generation, supplier search and inquiry as well as the procurement process of the parts including delivery times are completely eliminated. Even if the printed components are not always directly integrated into our products delivered to our customers, they still provide valuable services: in the quality area as gauges and brackets, in the production area as machine buffers, holders for machine sensors and display devices, in the development area as housing parts for test equipment, in sales area for marketing and trade fair samples. The new speed of parts commissioning, even for more complex part geometries with high precision of the printed components, more than outweighs any disadvantages in the production of parts in 3D printing speeds and 3D printing semi-finished product costs!

The fascination for additive manufacturing processes such as our core competence “wet filament winding” was further strengthened by the new possibilities of the DYNEXA 3D printing process.

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