DYNEXA – Composite output shafts for the automotive industry

The use of composite output shafts has great potential in customer-oriented applications due to various advantages.

What are the benefits of short drive shafts?

In the course of a research project with BMW AG, DYNEXA GmbH & Co. KG has been looking specifically at the use of composite output shafts over the past year. This has already been reported on in detail in CompositesWorld magazine (May 2020).The results show considerable potential for customer-oriented application. As soon as the focus does not remain exclusively on weight savings and lightweight costs, but shifts to increasing ride comfort and handling characteristics.

New research project transferred from racing series to mass production vehicles

Transferring the developments step by step to a series application was cited by DYNEXA as the result of the first research project with BMW. With a further research project, which was completed in January 2021, the next development step has been taken: the development of a highly stressed output shaft for the racing series has been successfully completed. Dynexa’s development project scope included the design of the fiber composite tube as well as the metallic force transmission elements in the smallest installation space. The production of the CFRP tubes was followed by the shaft assembly. The torsion bench tests showed an absolutely convincing result for the OEM; all requirements and targets were met or even exceeded. In addition, the residual running property after initial failure, which was far above the required specifications, showed that high power transmission is still possible and thus no total failure occurs. These results show that the next intermediate goal of DYNEXA, in the field of composite sideshafts, has been achieved. The next common step is to consider the application in production vehicles.

Advanced applications in electric drives

The requirements in electric drives, which have to transmit high torques, are also achieved with composite driveshafts. These can be purchased directly from the DYNEXA online store as standard products. Alternatively, they are specially designed and produced according to requirements. The rapidly growing field of electromobility also shows the need for solutions and new concepts for lateral power transmission. In addition to drive shafts or stabilizers in the chassis, the use of split tubes or rotor bandages in electric motors is also an efficiency-enhancing fiber composite solution for electric drives.In addition to the thermoset DYNEXA solutions, the company’s sister INOMETA can offer thermoplastic products, which are manufactured in individual parts and series using the tape winding process.