• DYNEXA drives digitization forward

DYNEXA drives digitization forward

Joint implementation project with the “Mittelstand 4.0” Competence Center Darmstadt for digital quality assurance with optical metrology

As an agile medium-sized company, DYNEXA continuously drives the automation and digitization of processes along the value chain to increase productivity and more efficient use of corporate resources.

In a joint implementation project, the Darmstadt “Mittelstand 4.0” Competence Center for SMEs and DYNEXA want to improve quality assurance: The development of an optical measuring system is intended to automate the monitoring of the component geometry of rotationally symmetrical carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic components. This enables an objective, traceable, continuous control of the actual condition of the components.

In addition, efficiency is increased because manual measuring processes and protocols are no longer required. This reduces quality assurance costs and allows tighter component tolerances for customers. The implementation project is intended to illustrate the possibilities of an intelligent measuring system in ongoing production to other manufacturing companies.

In connection with a digitalized impregnation process, which DYNEXA has already developed, an automated control of the entire filament winding process based on the implemented optical measuring system and the developed data model is to be made possible. By using digital media, the company aims to respond faster and more flexibly to the requirements of customers in the various segments and to increase their benefits in the long term.

The „Mittelstand 4.0“ Competence Center Darmstadt belongs to „Mittelstand Digital“. With “Mittelstand Digital”, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) supports digitization in small and medium-sized enterprises. Seven partners from science and practice pool their know-how in the competence center. Four institutes of the Technical University of Darmstadt, two Fraunhofer Institutes and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar are represented.

With the “Mittelstand 4.0” Competence Center Darmstadt, DYNEXA has found an ideal partner to take a further step in the development of the organization to Industry 4.0.

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