• DYNEXA – Increase of precision and efficiency

DYNEXA – Increase of precision and efficiency

DYNEXA modernizes laboratory test equipment.

Ensuring the requirements for product and process quality with regard to measurement, recording and optimization of our customers is very important to DYNEXA.

For this reason, the DSC test equipment in the laboratory, which had been in existence for several years, was modernized in 2020 with a new device from company NETZSCH. Differential scanning calorimetry DSC is a method of thermal analysis for measuring the amount of heat emitted or absorbed by a (fiber composite) sample when heated. Documented DSC measured value is the glass transition temperature TG of the different epoxy resin systems used in your components depending on the application. Using TG analyzes, we ensure that the mechanical, thermal and chemical performance of our components meets customer specifications. In just one central analysis, it is possible to simultaneously ensure the purity of the individual resin system components, the correct mixing ratio and the quality of mixing process, as well as the correct run of the component through the curing oven cycles.

In the DYNEXA laboratory, we also measure the temperature-dependent deformation and flow behavior of the epoxy resin systems used in the filament winding manufacturing process. For these values a rheometer / viscometer from company THERMO SCIENTIFIC HAAKE is used. This ensures an optimized resin impregnation behavior of the dry carbon and glass fiber roving types used in DYNEXA resin impregnation baths, and thus at the places of origin of these fascinating fiber reinforced lightweight materials.

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