DYNEXA starts series production of CFRP drive shaft

At DYNEXA in Laudenbach, series production of a newly developed automotive CFRP drive shaft has started this year.

In the first few weeks, the start-up quantity has already been wound and produced and was successfully delivered to a new German automotive series customer at the end of June 2019.

Supplier audit and development

Looking back: Before the start of series production, DYNEXA completed an extensive supplier audit at the Laudenbach site. Together with the customer, the quality and efficiency of the processes were qualified before the joint development of the CFRP drive shaft product could begin. The series project is assigned for several years starting in 2019 and comprises a production volume that will be fully manufactured in Laudenbach.

CFRP drive shafts in the automotive industry

The newly developed drive shaft product is a fiber composite drive shaft made of CFRP, which reduces shaft weight, vibration behavior, torque transmission and defined component size is individually adapted to the customer’s automotive drive concept and subsequently mass-produced.

Dynexa LKW Ladung

High output in series production

DYNEXA, with its almost thirty years of process and production experience, is regarded as a fibre composite specialist. Our lightweight CFRP products require a strong focus on compliance with defined processes. We think process-oriented in series processes, are of course DIN ISO 9001 certified and have a whole range of quality management tools developed in-house, so that we can guarantee constant and continuously monitored product quality for our automotive drive shafts. 

The entire DYNEXA team is looking forward to long-term cooperation and series production in Laudenbach.

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