• DYNEXA Talks Series Production for US Market

DYNEXA Talks Series Production for US Market

Strategic partnership in the USA leads to talks about series production applications.

After entering a strategic partnership in 2018 for market development in the USA utilizing Powersports Consulting LLC ( and its extensive industry network, DYNEXA clearly expands its footprint in the US automotive market. As a specialist for filament winding technologies, especially for composite driveshaft solutions, DYNEXA gained the interest of not only the big three automotive OEMs in the USA but also major Tier1 suppliers as potential manufacturing partners & customers.

Serienproduktion DYNEXA
CFRP Drive Shafts

The transatlantic interactions & conversations now lead to serious talks about finding ways to bring composite driveshaft technologies into higher volume production scenarios. This development is currently focused on the automotive industry for high performance cars and trucks, but it is a clear indicator that OEMs and Tier1 suppliers are thinking about a bigger picture for mainstream products as well I the near future. Besides the automotive industry DYNEXA is also in talks for series production applications in the marine industry where composite driveshafts offer a variety of benefits over standard steel shafts. Here as well is Powersports Consulting LLC a key driver of international collaborations and holds the DYNEXA brand name high!

DYNEXA shows with these developments that composite products are making their way into higher volume applications and are not exclusive to small batch aerospace, medical or military devices anymore!

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