• INOMETA - A major advancement for flexographic printing industry

INOMETA - A major advancement for flexographic printing industry

We present the innovative INOflex® pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter

Herford. Pressure drops and insufficient ink transfers at speeds in excess of 500 m/min are now a thing of the past. With the introduction of the new pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter we have provided the flexo-market with a system that is perfectly suitable as an alternative to the cost-intensive hydraulic clamping system for many print shops and machine manufacturers. Independent application tests have demonstrated the performance capabilities and the excellent print quality that can be achieved through the utilization of the adapter made of carbon fiber.

Christof Schotten, Managing Director of INOMETA, explains: "With our new INOflex® pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter, we were able to fill a gap for the use of clamping systems in the flexographic printing. We developed an adapter for the pneumatic system, which offers the characteristics and a performance level comparable to hydraulic systems. During the several months of alignment testing, the quality of the excellent print results were able to convince. Through this, it is now possible to achieve excellent print results, as well as a high degree of continuity during the ongoing printing process, even at high speeds."

Today it is important to be able to respond flexibly to customer demands. The printing industry recognized this development at an early point in time. Small print runs, short set-up and flexible response times are extremely important factors when competing in an environment with high cost and competitive pressures. "High investment volumes, as they are common for the acquisition of hydraulic clamping systems and during day-to-day operations, are only feasible for very high print runs in today's printing business", explains Christof Schotten. This new development is also founded on the high level of expertise in the processing of CFRP, and the many years of experience we have been able to accrue as a development partner of the printing industry: Application-related and practical improvements such as a special sealing system which provides an improved assembly performance for the operator, an integrated and customized damping system for the reduction of unwanted vibrations in the printing unit, and the use of a CFRP base core (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) all significantly contribute to the consistently high printing quality that is attainable even at high speeds.

With the INOflex® pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter, the type of clamping is not a key issue anymore when it comes to printing speed or print quality, and existing machines can be enabled to deliver superior degrees of performance with a mere component change.

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