INOMETA – BOBST Dubai Roadshow with INOMETA flexographic printing components

The popular BOBST Roadshow kicks off in Dubai on 13th and 14th October. Following events in Pakistan and Egypt, in mid October BOBST will be demonstrating its latest developments and exciting technological trends to around 120 customers from the United Arab Emirates.

BOBST has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services for substrate processing and printing, as well as for post-processing labels, flexible materials, folding cartons and corrugated board.

INOMETA is lending its expertise to the event in Dubai as a technological leader in lightweight products made of aluminium and composite materials with carbon fibre (CFRP) and glass fibre (GFRP) and will be specialising in particular in flexographic printing unit components.

“We offer solutions to retrofit existing machinery, as well as for new BOBST flexographic printing machines from the Vision, Expert and Master CI series. From individual component equipment through to fitting the entire system, INOMETA now offers an extensive range of tailor-made INOflex® products”, explains Tobias Seeger, Account Manager at INOMETA, “which have been specially developed with use in BOBST flexographic printing machines in mind”. “We are delighted to be able to support BOBST as an exclusive partner at the Dubai roadshow. At the roadshow, customers will also gain an impression of the kind of solutions we offer in the flexographic entire system. Apart from all components for the print unit, such as CFRP shafts, CFRP bridge adapters, anilox rollers and sleeves, we offer components for the web guidance, winding and post-processing process. These primarily include guide rollers, aluminium winding cores or functional coatings with characteristics such as high cut, scratch or corrosion resistance.”

Tobias Seeger, Account Manager INOMETA

Lightweight design, thanks to CFRP as an innovative material in BOBST flexographic printing

For over 40 years now, INOMETA has been supporting machine manufacturers and operators when it comes to optimising and enhancing their machine performance and product quality. The innovative CFRP material makes a decisive contribution here and, thanks to relentless in-house development work, is continually able to produce better and higher-performance solutions for flexographic printing. This results in significantly improved performance as well as the elimination of bouncing, which makes all INOflex® products valuable for all types of flexographic printing machines – regardless of the set of requirements. INOMETA now offers various product series (Eco, Pro and ProXline) within the scope of the new performance concept, which are heavily geared towards the performance requirements of the print job.

Larger working widths and increasing requirements go hand in hand with flexographic printing, but also with the production and post-processing of corrugated board products. In the corrugated field, INOMETA offers numerous solutions for anilox rollers or web guide rollers, drive rollers and pulling rollers with its CFRP components, boasting a unique range of services with an extensive range of coating products. Hard metal coatings, in particular, offer enormous wear protection, with traction and grip being enhanced by the specific carbide coatings used.

Advice and support across the globe – in the digital INOMETA showroom

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