• INOMETA – CFRP adapter reducing bouncing in flexographic printing

INOMETA – CFRP adapter reducing bouncing in flexographic printing

Soma Engineering, manufacturers of flexographic printing machines based in the Czech Republic, has set itself the target of reducing bouncing in flexographic printing using its Advanced Bounce Control system.

All components in the printing press are therefore carefully tested and verified with respect to their ‘bouncing’ influence and, once they have met the qualification criteria, approved as certified components for Soma machines.

INOMETA also put itself to this test with its INOflex pneumatic INObridge CP adapters. “Our many years of experience manufacturing components for flexographic printing were one reason why we were given the opportunity to install and test our high-performance INObridge CP product from our INOflex® range of adapters at Soma's Technology Centre,” explains Pawel Krajnik, Key Account Manager at INOMETA. The pneumatic INObridge CP adapters boast an optimised CFRP laminate composition for minimal overall deformation and extremely good damping properties to reduce vibrations directly in the printing press.

Soma CFk-Adapter
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Pressure test

In a very challenging test method developed by Soma, ‘bouncing’ is classified and evaluated at various positions along the entire printing width at different speeds. This complex test method also tests the so-called ‘dot gain variation’. The chosen print motif – a bar pattern with hard leading and trailing edges – provided an additional quality factor in the test and a challenge for all components at the same time. The results of the series of tests clearly demonstrate that the INOflex® INObridge CP adapter generates minimal deflection at all speeds, particularly in the critical centre area. The adapter design used by INOMETA is based on the bridge principle, which enables force to be applied to the air mandrel close to the bearing points. This tried-and-tested bridge design has already been used for years in INOflex® hydraulic INObridge CH adapters, which have become a byword for excellent results in flexographic printing.

Bouncing, one of the main causes of quality problems in flexographic printing, can be greatly reduced even further thanks to this adapter design. The test results are unequivocal – when it comes to performance and print quality in Soma Flexoprinting machines, the INOflex® INObridge CP adapter by INOMETA leads the way. Soma has therefore certified the INObridge CP adapter as a certified and approved component. To quote Soma project manager Roman Dresler: “The INOMETA adapters work perfectly with our integrated and unique Advanced Bounce Control system and are now used in our Technology Centre.”  As a system supplier, INOMETA offers a wide range of products for flexographic printing with the INOflex series. Along with CFRP air cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters and anilox rollers/sleeves, INOMETA also supplies high-quality assembly sleeves, thereby offering all relevant printing mechanism components for optimal print quality.

Download: Adapter reduzieren Bouncing im Flexodruck – Flexo+TiefDruck Ausgabe 5-2019

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