INOMETA – Holds impressive flexographic printing seminar at the Flexographics Forum in Poland

From 24th to 26th April, 2023 we were invited to Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland – which this year played host to the flexographic printing event from the Flexographics Forum in Poland. For INOMETA, Polish flexographic printing offers considerable potential and excellent opportunities to enhance existing technologies and optimise processes by means of innovative products. Predominantly in terms of overcoming upcoming limits, increasing printing machine speeds and maximising print quality. Thanks to our Key Account Manager, Pawel Krajnik, we have established very close links with the Polish printing industry and were able to catch up with plenty of our familiar customers and local partners at this year’s flexographic printing seminar.

Within the scope of a series of presentations on topics such as anilox rollers, ink systems, printing plates or even glues, Mr. Krajnik discussed increasing the economic efficiency of flexible wrapping production through the use of rotationally symmetrical components from INOMETA. Particularly interesting here was the numerous practical examples Mr. Krajnik was able to draw upon in flexographic printing. “The in-depth knowledge of technologies and processes is the key to outstanding flexographic printing components. This became even more apparent during our presentation”, shared Pawel Krajnik. In particular, the expertise we have acquired over the decades in the printing industry, film and packaging production and our experience in producing web-guiding components allows us to solve problems swiftly and provide efficient process optimisations in no time at all.

Discover more about rotationally symmetrical components in flexographic printing

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