• INOMETA – INOMETA is expanding its shaft range and launching a new product family

INOMETA – INOMETA is expanding its shaft range and launching a new product family

INOMETA´s INOflex® printing unit components have been making a name for themselves for many years in flexographic printing, leading to considerable improvements in the performance and quality of the entire printing system.

Indeed, this year we were able to further develop and enhance the INOshaft® product portfolio based on our many years of practical experience in flexographic printing. Thanks to the new INOshaft® shaft range, INOMETA now has three different performance versions available, which depending on their version, operate either pneumatically, with pneumatic clamping or hydraulic clamping. Such optimisations have drastically improved the print quality and increased the overall added value.

Our greatest technical innovation in contrast to other shafts is the launch of a new high-performance damping system, which proudly boasts a damping increase of up to 30%. The result: This optimisation results in a reduction in vibrations in the printing unit and therefore minimises the bouncing effect even at maximum speeds.

In addition to extending and improving the range of specifications of the new INOshaft® product family, a highly scratch-resistant PROTEK® coating is now optionally available in the ProXline version, which not only makes the shaft considerably stronger but also protects it against corrosion. In parallel with technological product optimisations, which can be witnessed across the entire product range, INOMETA is launching an optional range of specifications – in particular for the Proline and ProXline higher-performance versions. In a nutshell:  INOshaft® shafts can be equipped with a variety of additional options, which are tailored to customer requirements.

A new approach to performance flexibility – as much and as little as required

The INOshaft® range comprises three performance lines: Eco, Pro and ProXline. All three versions are geared to the needs of different performance requirements, meaning that the right performance product is available for low, medium and high-level requirements. Flexographic printers benefit from the fact that the shaft can be selected based on the respective end product, desired print quality and target machine speed as well as other criteria.

INOshaft – CP/CPH Trägerstangen
INOshaft – Ecoline

An entire system is only ever as good as the quality of its basic components

In the flexographic printing unit, the shaft forms the base component, on which printing adapters and all other printing unit components are based. The entire system can only develop its performance to the extent defined by its first component. INOshaft® shafts help flexographic printers to boost machine performance and reduce effects which minimise the print quality of the entire system. When it comes to optimally coordinating the printing unit, using INOshaft® shafts in combination with other INOflex® systems creates the ideal prerequisites for flawless print jobs and minimal downtimes.

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