• INOMETA – INOwell launches a dedicated website for oil and gas applications

INOMETA – INOwell launches a dedicated website for oil and gas applications

The companies INOMETA and DYNEXA of the AVANCO Group combine their passion and expertise in INOwell. A brand new web special was recently published for this purpose.

A few weeks ago, we reported on the work we do in the composites sector for the oil and gas industry. Now the time has come to unveil INOwell's new dedicated website for oil and gas.

INOwell brings together the passion and expertise of two companies within the AVANCO group. With technologies like laser-guided thermoplastic tape winding and wet winding, their ability to design and build bespoke components, proven mass-production capability and designs that are compatible with metal add-on parts, INOMETA and DYNEXA provide the ideal building blocks for products including casings, risers, screens, plugs and centraliser sleeves. INOwell also manufactures a range of bespoke tubular parts for the oil and gas industry.

INOwell's products and expertise are marketed by Maxwell Oil Tools. To facilitate this cooperation between the AVANCO Group and Maxwell Oil Tools, the two companies have concluded a strategic partnership with a view to driving forward the development and production of rotationally symmetrical composite components and special coatings for the oil and gas industries. Maxwell Oil Tools is an established specialist with a long track record of successfully developing, producing and marketing a wide range of products for the ‘upstream’ oil and gas industry. Composite products used in this sector range from centralisers, casings, liners, screensavers, plugs and sleeves to bespoke tubular parts designed to respond to the most exacting technical requirements.

Go to INOwell's dedicated site for lightweight composite solutions specially designed for oil and gas

You can find our new website dedicated to lightweight solutions for the oil and gas industries at Alternatively, just click here.

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