INOMETA – New product lines for hydraulic CFRP bridge adapters

Hydraulic CFRP bridge adapters for optimum performance, high throughput and best print quality – this what the new range of INObridge® hydraulic CFRP bridge adapters from INOMETA is committed to.

As a technology leader in the field of hydraulic CFRP bridge adapters, the printing unit component manufacturer is optimising its current range and as such is creating new equipment options.

The targeted use of lightweight and high-end materials as well as technological further development is equipping the adapter range to face new challenges in flexographic printing. The design developed by INOMETA ensures an impressively high print quality across the entire line even on large working widths and prevents vibrations from forming. This characteristic reduces printing errors such as bouncing.

Optimally aligned to application-specific requirements

The further development of the hydraulic CFRP bridge adapter range goes hand in hand with an intelligent alignment of the printing adapters to meet current requirements placed on flexographic printing. Indeed, INOMETA is launching new product lines which are addressing various requirement classes. Low, medium and high-performance applications have differentiated sets of requirements, which INOMETA is tackling with appropriate product lines. As we have already seen in other product segments, the component specialist is also launching a trio for hydraulic bridge adapters, comprising the familiar Eco, Pro and ProXline performance lines.

Precise application analysis improves economic efficiency

“The specifications of the new INObridge® CH adapter lines are now tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. Such a requirement is determined based on the expected applications. We are developing a profile and a recommendation through an analysis process, to be able to select the ideal component for each customer,” as Michael Reuter, Product manager at INOMETA, describes the thinking behind the new generation of adapters. A precise set of requirements for printing applications is allowing INOMETA to further optimise the economic efficiency of printing unit components and provide customers with the ideal product for the application in mind.