INOMETA presents a new printing web special

With the launch of a new printing web special, we demonstrate our expertise in the field of rotating aluminum, CFRP and GFRP lightweight components for the printing industry. In particular our products and services for the flexographic industry.

All rotating components from a single source – at a glance

Printing unit components are the key aspect which we concentrate on. In particular, pneumatic and hydraulic CFRP bridge adapters, CFRP air cylinders along with anilox rollers and sleeves, are the areas where we see our core expertise. In addition to printing unit components, our scope of delivery includes dryer guide rollers and web guide rollers with different PROTEK® coatings. These are manufactured individually and tailored to our customers’ machine requirements. Winding cores in a variety of designs, e.g. fitted with RFID chips for optimum logistics and support in the automation of our customer processes, have been part of our product portfolio for many years and round off the benefits of all the products we make.

Another key area: services for flexographic printing

The comprehensive services we provide are another key area of the new web special. We present all the services we provide at a glance, from fault analysis in the printing process to cleaning, maintenance and reworking of anilox rollers and CFRP bridge adapters.

The new online web special

You will find the new printing web special at printing.inometa.de/en

Feel free to visit this new web special and let us know of any question or comment you might have.