INOMETA presents online event for the printing industry

We are delighted to invite you to join our first online event, PRINTING DAYS 2021 for the printing industry from 30 June 2021 to 2 July 2021.

Enjoy listening to our experts in exciting presentations and keep pace with the latest technological trends with a focus on the topic of flexographic printing. Our event is definitely not to be missed, particularly if you are responsible for areas associated with printing unit components at your production site or are a machine manufacturer, have an interest in innovative components or assume responsibility for the product in this field. Our experts are looking forward to sharing inspiring printing, process and material topics with you and are eager for you to hear our solutions.

Highlight: Cast a glance into a flexographic printing unit – INOflex® at PRINTING DAYS 2021

We can hardly wait for our session with Stephan Palenga, Printing Sales Manager, who will provide you with all you need to know about INOflex® and what is behind its success. INOflex®? Not come across this term before? Then all the more reason to join INOMETA Printing Days 2021. We delve into printing unit technology, explain the INOflex® system concept and broaden our philosophy of the perfect system of rotating components for flexographic printing.

Highlight: Anilox rollers and other products – INOlox® at PRINTING DAYS 2021

This year in particular we have a great deal to tell you about, first and foremost new developments relating to our anilox rollers and sleeve technology. Our Account Manager, Pawel Kraijnik, shall kick things off and cover technology, quality, features as well as best practices. In a captivating presentation, he demonstrates how in future you can improve print results, reduce waste and increase the service life of anilox rollers and sleeves by using the right components.

Highlight: CFRP – the technology, the material and its benefits

We are absolutely delighted that our Head of Development, Dr. Marc Wünsche, will be giving a talk on the benefits of carbon fibre reinforced plastics in the production of efficient roller, sleeve and adapter products as well as sharing some interesting facts from INOMETA’s Development department. We will be providing an insight into our expertise as a specialist for lightweight design and will present solutions and approaches demonstrating how in future you can also reap the benefits of our know-how.

Highlight: CFRP bridge adapters and CFRP air cylinders

Last but most certainly not least are two additional highlights of our Printing Days. CFRP bridge adapters and air cylinders – there has hardly been any other topic over the last few decades which has interested us as much as these innovative products. We highlight the principle, the possibilities and of course the benefits of the various technologies and present the valuable background knowledge to our developments. Take some time to register for one of the live sessions with our experts, which last around 45 minutes.

Sessions and topics of PRINTING DAYS 2021


The INOflex® system
Focus on CFRP technology and CFRP air cylinders

You can send your appointment request by email to printingdays@inometa.de


The INOflex® system
Focus on CFRP bridge adapters

You can send your appointment request by email to printingdays@inometa.de


The INOflex® system
Focus on anilox rollers, anilox sleeves and engravings

You can send your appointment request by email to printingdays@inometa.de

PRINTING DAYS 2021 – Register now

We are delighted that you have registered for one of our events, which we are holding digitally from 30 June to 2 July. We are accepting registrations at any time. We will be in touch shortly to confirm your requested session.