• INOMETA – Ready for maximum performance? INOMETA's roller service makes it possible!

INOMETA – Ready for maximum performance? INOMETA's roller service makes it possible!

Guide rollers and functional rollers are subject to constant wear caused by their own actual functions, meaning that process reliability can no longer be guaranteed.

INOMETA has made roller servicing for older rollers more professional – this  ensures that it is not necessary to replace the roller body, which is often expensive, so that there is no need to counterbalance the resulting waste of resources. Thanks to standardization of processes, confirmed by extensive incoming inspections using test runs, it is possible to plan for a comprehensive roller service, both with regard to processing times and pricing. Our roller service includes services such as the removal of old coatings and the application of new functional coatings, dynamic balancing, through to journal repair or replacement as well as further service and assembly works. In this respect, we place a particular focus on CFRP guide and “single tube” spreader rollers. Our aim is to restore your rollers almost back to OEM quality standards and thereby to safeguard your production process and increase your machinery availability.

Walzenservice bei INOMETA
Walzenservice für Großwalzen

Roller service for rollers of all brands

At INOMETA, we can provide you with a roller service for all the rollers you use from a single source. We can service your INOMETA rollers as well as all of your rollers of other brands used on your production lines. From "single tube" spreader rollers to guide and functional rollers made from CFRP aluminium or steel – with our professional full service for rollers, we can reduce machinery downtime and make service intervals predictable.

Roller service – available immediately for online bookings

With immediate effect, the INOMETA roller service is now also available for you online. Use our service enquiry form to send us your information. Our service specialists will then get in touch with you immediately.

Learn more about the INOMETA roller service

Learn more about the INOMETA roller service here

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