• INOMETA – The new standard in the mid-range segment

INOMETA – The new standard in the mid-range segment

The INObridge® CP Ecoline sets new standards in mid-range pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters in flexographic printing.

Right from the start, the aim was to develop a smart alternative to our Proline and ProXline high-performance lines, which we launched on the market in the past year.

The Ecoline’s exceptional cost-effectiveness is particularly apparent in the application of short and medium job lengths.

Lightness also means efficiency

The high percentage of light-weight materials, particularly CFRP, reduces the product weight and establishes clear benefits in daily handling – in storage, when reloading the machine, or when changing print jobs – even without the support of handling systems. The product weight was able to be kept very low thanks to its special construction and the use of lightweight components.

Ideal for medium machine speeds

The optimum range of application of the INObridge® CP Ecoline is an average printing speed in the range up to 400 m/min. The Ecoline achieves excellent print results in this defined speed range and is the most cost-effective choice in our INObridge® portfolio. The Ecoline achieves good print results even beyond this range, although we would recommend our Pro or ProXline for permanent applications outside the optimum level.

Large formats and working widths possible

Our Ecoline version is specially equipped for use in standard applications and, just like all other INObridge® product lines, it uses the bridge construction principle developed by INOMETA. The outstanding stability and rigidity ensure reduced component deformation in the printing unit and consequently a reduction in errors in the print image.

We have been using 3D printed components in our products for quite some time. For example, the adapter bases of the INObridge® CP Ecoline are printed entirely in our 3D printing laboratory and play an important role in the excellent performance at print widths up to 1250 mm. Just like the printing speeds, the Ecoline also provides good results even outside the optimum performance ranges. We put the Ecoline’s maximum possible print width at 1950 mm.

The INObridge® CP Ecoline Adapter achieves the best print results in adapter formats between 600 and 800 STORK and is ideal for short to medium print jobs and high change intervals.

The benefits of Ecoline at a glance

  • Weight optimization ensures very good handling, easy job change, low energy costs, and reliable processes
  • Short downtimes, high print quality, and few printing errors, such as those caused by vibrations or horizontal striation.
  • Excellent sleeve properties, high accuracy of fit, low waste
  • A printing unit component optimized for your application and printing process
  • Very long service life and individual service options

All the important product data at a glance

An overview of all the important INObridge® CP Ecoline product data.

  • Working widths between 650 and 1950 mm
  • Outer format between 390 and 800 STORK
  • Possible from 10 format jumps, 3D printed bases from 16 format jumps
  • Printing speeds up to 800 m/min, ideally up to 400 m/min
  • INOflex® seal

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