XPERION – XPERION delivers X-STORE type 4 hydrogen cylinders for regional trains developed by Alstom

XPERION ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT announces it will be the supplier of Type 4 hydrogen cylinders for regional trains developed and produced by Alstom Germany. The leading provider of rail technology, headquartered in France, is developing the world´s first regional trains powered by hydrogen which will be equipped with X-STORE Type 4 high pressure vessels from XPERION. For the first time, this new development enables regional trains to run on rail tracks without overhead lines and emission-free. At today´s press conference at the trade fair InnoTrans in Berlin, Alstom has presented its new fuel cell vehicle which will be in pilot operation at the beginning of 2018.

So far, XPERION´s  X-STORE Type 4 high pressure vessels have been used for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, transport systems or in the marine industry. The R&D project in the field of rail technology is a milestone for XPERION: “The cooperation with Alstom is an important step for us to extend our application portfolio also to the rail sector”, explains Dr. Thorsten Weber, Director Program Management at XPERION. “The cylinder used, which is made of full carbon fiber, has a storage capacity of 8.4 kg hydrogen. Thanks to its lightweight design, it is particularly suitable for roof-mounting. Due to its corrosion resistance as well as its load alternation insensitivity, our product ensures a long-lasting and safe operation”, adds Weber.

The development of the train prototypes is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport in the course of the “National Innovation Program for Hydrogen”. The emission-free regional train facilitates the conversion from fossil fuels and promotes the use of electric drive systems in the transport sector. The conversion from diesel to fuel cell technology also leads to a considerable noise reduction for the public and the environment. Moreover, hydrogen can be produced through electrolysis by using renewable energies, thus providing a zero-emission and quiet passenger transport by rail (source: Alstom Germany).


As an AVANCO group company, XPERION ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT has specialized in lightweight components and systems made of fiber composite materials. Our core competencies are in the development, production and distribution of composite high-pressure vessels (Type 4) for the installation into vehicles of all kinds, for the storage as well as the transportation of compressed gases, in particular natural gas and hydrogen. Special diving tanks for the Navy and riser pipes for offshore applications round off our product portfolio.

X-STORE is a registered trademark of XPERION. 

About Alstom

Alstom in Germany is one of the major suppliers of German rail infrastructure. The company focuses on manufacturing rail vehicles for local rail transport: trams and suburban railways, commuter trains and regional trains. Alstom is the only manufacturer of railway engineering systems to offer maintenance, servicing and modernization services for all rail vehicle types, and components for series from all manufacturers and transport information systems in Germany.