• INOMETA – What’s new in the world of flexographic printing

INOMETA – What’s new in the world of flexographic printing

At this year’s K trade fair, with the INOflex® product family – a system solution for flexographic printing – INOMETA will be presenting a comprehensive portfolio of lightweight products for use in the printing press and other areas of flexographic printing machines.

Jan-Dominik Sturhan, Product Manager at INOMETA, and Dr. Marc Wünsche, Head of Development at INOMETA, explain which solutions INOMETA will be presenting at K 2019 and which highlights customers and interested parties can look forward to.

Hello Dr. Wünsche, hello Mr Sturhan,
In just a few days, people will have the chance to meet INOMETA at K2019 and talk about the INOflex® product family at the INOMETA trade fair stand. Could you give us a brief overview of which products for the flexographic printing industry we can expect to see from INOMETA this year at K 2019?

As a system supplier, INOMETA has a wide range of product solutions for flexographic printing machines. We want to draw attention to this side of our business at this year’s K trade fair. Our system portfolio includes air cylinders, pneumatic and hydraulic adapters, anilox rollers and anilox sleeves, as well as mounting sleeves.

Why is INOMETA focusing on presenting the INOflex® products at the K trade fair?

K is the ultimate plastics trade fair, and it focuses on aspects such as plastic packaging printing. For example, flexible packaging is used almost exclusively in flexographic printing applications. This is why we want to present our high-end portfolio in this business area to the trade fair visitors.

Please could you explain which products are part of the INOflex® product family?

In addition to the highly rigid INOshaft CFRP air cylinder with pneumatic, hydraulic and hybrid clamping, the portfolio also includes pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters for high-speed and mid-speed applications, as well as the hydraulically clamping CFRP bridge adapters from our INObridge series. We will also be presenting our expertise in anilox rollers and sleeves and the associated engravings. Of course, we must not forget the web guide rollers and their functional surface coatings.

You mentioned a system solution. What does this mean for customers and their printing process?

The benefit of this system concept is that, for the first time ever, customers have a single contact for all of these components with INOMETA. What sets us apart is our profound understanding of the needs and requirements of our customers and their respective industries.

All of our products provide technologically pioneering, application-oriented and coordinated solutions. One of the main reasons why we want to present our INOflex® product family as a particular example is to demonstrate the system concept.

Which products does INOMETA offer that are not used in a printing press?

In this area, we supply winding cores for substrate winding and unwinding, as well as a wide range of web guide rollers – equipped with the appropriate functional surface and individually designed for the substrate to be transported. These are used in the dryer section, for example.

Of course, the overall package also includes web tension measuring rollers to ensure smooth material transport.

Dr. Wünsche, what new developments can we look forward to seeing at K 2019? Will you be presenting new innovations or improvements to the INOflex® products?

A completely new innovation that we will present this year is the INOshaft CFRP hybrid air cylinder. This product is able to accept adapters with both pneumatic and hydraulic clamping. Furthermore, the new hybrid air cylinder stands in a league of its own thanks to the pioneering combination of the highly rigid, vibration-optimised CFRP construction and the hydraulic clamping technology.

In another trade fair highlight for pneumatic adapters, we will also be presenting the newly developed INObridge CP ecoline CFRP bridge adapter.

In the same product family, we will be presenting the reorganisation and further development of the INObridge CP range of bridge adapters.


That sounds exciting! What can the customer expect from the reorganisation and further development of the range of pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters? Can you tell us any of the details?

Thanks to the reorganisation of the range of pneumatic bridge adapters, we are now able to offer our customers application-specific adapter solutions that are tailored to their specific printing application. The new INObridge CP ProXline is the absolute benchmark in this regard. CFRP laminates that are optimally configured for the relevant format and working width as well as a selection of high-quality components ensure maximum product rigidity. This reliably prevents vibrations and faulty print images, even under the most challenging of conditions.

The INObridge CP Proline will be available in the future as an entry-level line into the high-end range. The basic configuration of this line is also of extremely high quality. Additional optional features can also be added. This line of adapters is characterised by simple handling in conjunction with excellent product rigidity. All of this combines to deliver impressive printing performance.

Our new product line, the INObridge CP Ecoline adapter, features a more inexpensive construction that is positioned below the new INObridge CP Proline and ProXline.

This line also has an innovative design that results in a low product weight and simple handling.

All three product lines have a wear-resistant design and enable a simple replacement process for structures subject to high loads. As a result of these updates, the already long service life of the INOMETA adapter has been increased even further.

I do not want to go into any more detail at this point in time. However, we are very much looking forward to talking about the new adapter in more detail at K2019.

INOMETA at K2019

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about INOflex® and flexographic printing solutions at the K trade fair. You can book appointments in advance. To do so, simply get in touch using the contact form.

We look forward to seeing you at K2019 – 16/10–23/10

INOMETA – Hall 4, Stand A43

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