• INOMETA – BOBST online open house

INOMETA – BOBST online open house

There are just a few days to go before Jean Pascal Bobst and his expert team kick off this year’s open house event at print machinery manufacturer BOBST.

For the first time, this year’s event will be held digitally. Specially selected speakers will introduce you to the new Vision CI and NOVA SX 550 Laminator machines, as well as the brand-new Master CI, and explain the benefits of each individual system.

Click here to register for the BOBST virtual open house.

The fully equipped Master CI, featuring INOflex® components

BOBST is working together with its component supplier INOMETA to deliver its new Master CI machinery concept, the first BOBST machine to feature the INOflex® flexographic printing system. This comprehensive system ensures optimal connectivity for CFRP air cylinders, pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters, anilox sleeves or CFRP analogue rollers, leading to improved performance, less downtime, and outstanding print quality. Frank Rudolph, Process Manager and head of the Center of Excellence at BOBST's headquarters in Bielefeld, confirmed the advantages of the new system in a recent interview: “INOMETA's technology suits BOBST equipment very well. Especially when printing high-end print motifs, it becomes obvious very quickly that you are dealing with a high-performance product. You don’t get any bouncing, even when printing at high speeds and in large print runs. Combining INOMETA's technology with ours produces high-quality print results that no other combination can match.”

The Master CI system can run at up to 800 m/min, and it is at these high speeds that the INOflex® components really come into their own. They help to deliver significantly improved print quality for BOBST customers, who can now visit our Center of Excellence to see the difference for themselves.


Lightweight CFPR components for flexible packaging

For more than 35 years, INOMETA has been considered the leading specialist in lightweight components for manufacturing flexible packaging. Each individual part provides a high level of performance in its own right, but they work even better when they are applied across whole systems. They are all designed with the aim of optimising production performance, improving quality and reducing the cost of flexographic printing.

At Open House by BOBST, you will have the chance to see our products in use with a Master CI system for the first time. For detailed information about the individual components used in the print machinery, all of which have been specially designed for BOBST, take a look at the following webpages:

Get personalised advice on BOBST machinery components at the INOMETA INOvation Lab

If you are interested in any of our solutions, our sales team are here to help. Contact us any time for advice. Fill in the contact form to get in touch. We will respond to your query as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can reach our BOBST machinery components experts by phone on (+49) (0)5221 777-0. We can arrange appointments for digital product presentations at times to suit you. Talk to us now to arrange a visit to our new showroom!

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